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Why Stock TubeSync? 

TubeSync is a new technology designed to overcome many of the problems associated with conventional tube amplification with guitar amplifiers, improving reliability and performance. It also offers muscians the ability to experient with different tube types without the need of re-biasing the amp, just plug and play!

TubeSync'c latest innovation is a retrofit product available to consumers via authorised retailers who will appoint an accredited technician. The retrofitted TubeSync Bias Engine offers guitarists the opportunity to incorporate TubeSync technology into their existing amp, and to benefit from the same core technology that amp manufacturers are recognising as being of such value to their new amp designs. 

The Opportunity 

We are offering select retailers and technicians the opportunity to become authorised suppliers of TubeSync technology and to take advantage of strong anticipated consumer demand. 

Become a supplier of TubeSync Bias Engine

Generate revenue from hardware sales and fitting

Benefit from accreditation as a TubeSync technician

Add value to your offering with improved amplifier biasing methods, servicing and fault diagnostics, using TubeSync Bias Runner software

Get involved as TubeSync emerges in new amp designs from major amp manuacturers 









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