Introducing The TubeSync Bias Engine

KBO Dynamics is a world leading design consultancy and supplier of high performance electronic power and control devices. TubeSync® is the flagship in our range of tube amplifier products . TubeSync® was developed to overcome many of the problems associated with conventional tube amplification, such as biasing problems , tube longevity and amplifier reliability. Our goal is to improve amplifier design without changing the fundamental amplification process so tone and sound remains unaltered.

TubeSync Bias Engine

”Improving amplifier design, performance and efficiency”

We work closely with our customers to deliver the best possible technical solution that satisfies both technical and commercial needs. Our designs are created with flexibility in mind and in most cases clients will have the opportunity to create their own unique product features.


The TubeSync Bias Engine

• Eliminates the need for bias current matching of output tubes
• Increases manufacturing efficiencies
• Micro-adjusts the bias on each tube to ensure its full potential is realised
• Assures reliability
• Maintains optimum performance
• Increases tube life
• Reduces quiescent power consumption
• Easily integrated into amp systems
• Sets tubes at their optimum temperature as soon as you start playing
• Detects tube failure and prevents catastrophic damage to amp
• Switches out faulty tubes and runs amp at half power until tube can be changed


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