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The Bias Engine Professional Retro-fit Amp Kit

The Bias Engine is the hardware that encapsulates TubeSync's unique technology. This kit is suitable for retro-fitting into fixed bias tube amplifiers. For an amp technician, fitting the Bias Engine is a relatively straightforward procedure, with all necessary components supplied within the retrofit kit. The Bias Engine is sold as a part of the TubeSync Professional Amp Upgrade Kit containing: TubeSync Bias Engine Hardware TubeSync hardware is wired straight into the amps circuitry. The Bias Engine is a very compact component that can be incorporated in both point-to-point and PCB wired amps. Power Supply If supply voltages are not available within the amp to power the bias engine hardware, then simply connect the input of the power supply to the 6.3 AC supply of the tube heater supply and away you go. Tube fault LED indicator harness and amp chassis LED plate The Bias Engine is wired to 4 LED indicators that permanently illuminate when the tube is faulty. The LEDs sit on the amp chassis, surrounded by the LED plate. Wiring harness, coupling capacitors and mechanical fixings The wiring harness, bundling all necessary wires and connectors, completes the kit along with a full set of mechanical fixings and coupling capacitors.

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