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Introducing TubeSync®

TubeSync® is a new component that overcomes many of the problems associated with conventional tube amplification. It addresses these problems without changing the fundamental tube amplification process, hence the resulting sound output still exhibits that pure analogue magic. TubeSync can be easily integrated into any guitar tube amplifier. It can also be retrofitted or incorporated into the circuitry during the design stage.

Eliminates tube matching

Eliminates the need for bias current matching of amplifier output tubes,this increases manufacturing efficiencies, due to reduced testing.

Reduced tube cost

Eliminates the need to purchase tubes in ‘matched pairs’ and replaces conventional biasing components.

Increased tube life

Automatically micro-adjusts the bias on each tube to ensure the full potential of each tube in the system is realised throughout its working life.

Reliability assurance

Replaces conventional tube testing methods by performing an ‘in circuit’ test every time the amplifier is powered up.

Half power back-up

If TubeSync® detects a faulty tube, it can automatically 'switch out' the offending tube and run the amp at half power, until the defective tube can be replaced.


Maintains optimum performance

Dynamically measures the amplitude of the drive signals supplied to the grids of each output tube and optimises performance accordingly.

Simultaneous distortion

Maintains the classic warm sound of the amplifier by ensuring tubes distort symmetrically.

Reduced power consumption

Reduces quiescent power consumption when compared to conventional amplifier biasing techniques by an average of 20%.

NEW ' Hot Anode'

TubeSync® knows the optimum operating temperature of your tubes, so there is no need to warm up your amp. TubeSync® will get you to where you need to be just as soon as you start playing. 

Half Power

Capability to switch out a pair of tubes to run the amp at half power (100 w heads). Each time half power is selected each pair of tubes will be alternated to ' share the wear'


Unique algorithms can be incorporated to tailor optional performance characteristics and features to customer requirements.





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