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Our Development & Business Partners

KBO realised that in order to support our clients we needed to provide more. To be true business partners we decided to offer support in all the areas where businesses want to improve and where technical problems and issues exist. KBO can help you achieve your business objectives if you are a small, medium or multi national company. We can help you grow your business, through new technology, reduce costs through efficiency savings and enable you to increase sales which will in turn help you survive when times are tough. We can make your business stand out from the crowd.

Our Network

Most businesses today have a lack of resources when it comes to product development, when problems arise they have nobody available to solve them.  Most companies have a lack of time, as they are committed to the day to day activities, as a result they can't invest the time looking for new solutions and new ideas which may provide product differentiation, increase sales and reduce costs. Through our experience, iindustry networks and innovative solutions we can help grow your business and save you money.

Business Relationships

We are continuously looking for strategic business partners to work with. If you are a large OEM or even a small privately owned business involved in tube amplification, please contact us, so we can discuss your requirements in greater detail. It could be the start of a fantastic new business relationship.


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